[KhmerFolktales] URL Forward Error – Resolved

Thanks for keep visiting Nitean even we had issue on the URL of Khmer Folktales site but now everything is solved.

We also upgrade the engine to the latest version to keep serving everyone good enough.

You can now continue reading the Khmer folktales where is now having almost around 100 stories there.

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[KhmerFolktales] URL Forward Error – Unsolved

There is an error with URL forwarding at Khmer Forlktales prevents our readers unable to read. Now each time, you read the story, it’s always forwarding to the home page of Nitean.com.

We haven’t found the solution on this matter yet.

If you have experienced or disturbed you because of this issue, we’re so sorry, we will try to solve this soon.

We’ll keep update about this issue.